Ill conceived, Ilkiw

OK, so a student I know dropped me a line about this.  The new dean at UC Davis is making what seems to be an openly hostile move against the student body by robbing the campus clubs of their power and redirecting their funding to the Dean's Office.  

Do you know of any CE symposia that are planned, organized or put on by student groups?  Great idea, huh?  The student clubs and chapters at UC Davis such as SVECCS, VBMA, AAFP plan, organize and put on multiple special interest CE events thru the year.  These events are planned in conjunction with faculty and approved by the CE office. The events offer area veterinarians an opportunity to support the school and obtain world class CE in their area of emphasis, conveniently close. The students get the experience of planning and executing these events. Also, students may attend, and monies raised fund club activities- primarily wetlabs- and provide scholarships directly to the students in the clubs. To the tune of thousands of dollars a year.

Now the new dean at Davis, Lairmore, is trying to take all CE events away from the student clubs and run it thru his office.
Seriously?  OK, let me break this down.  You want to take affordable, world class quality, standing room only, special interest CE symposia which are planned, executed and attended by students in conjunction with faculty, events which directly decrease debt loads and fund additional student hands-on education and help students grow into mature professionals and instead....
you're going to substitute a lot of planning that takes up all the faculty's time and end up with two big, poorly attended, cookie cutter CE events where the students carry stuff and maybe put up posters.

Bold leadership, there, Lairmore. 

Dean Lairmore and Associate Dean Ilkiw apparently want to have just two big CE events a year, open only to veterinarians, controlled by the Dean's office but executed with the students' input; to me this sounds like the students are being demoted from developing professionals to slave labor.  Also, there will be little money coming back to the clubs to put on wetlabs because hey, the new curriculum will make such learning experiences redundant.  And also, the faculty is too busy planning how to implement his new curriculum, they really don't have time to work with students planning, putting on and attending an educational event.
Lairmore didn't even bother to come to the town hall meeting to face the music when the students are informed of this change after the fact- the Dean's office has already planned to implement this ill conceived plan for this year.  And one of the reasons given is because no other school lets their students run CE.  
In this era of change, we need innovation, we need people who can recognize success and nurture it, we need risk takers like the clubs at Davis that are figuring out good ways to do a good job learning to be veterinarians.  
Instead, the administration is going to shut them down.  
But you know what?  Show me how it benefits the students OR the attending veterinarians and I'll change my stance.
Not the college, not the school, not the future; not the whole or the community or the profession or some vague term like that.
Tell us how the students and the veterinarians get more out of doing it your way.  
Because that's why you're there, for the students and practicing vets. 


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