post NACIQI updates on AVMA COE recognition

Some post NACIQI updates on AVMA COE recognition

Some quick updates here ahead of the holidays, courtesy of an email from NACIQI Executive Director Carol Griffiths...

NACIQI's Recommendations

In its recommendations, provided here courtesy of Ms. Griffiths, NACIQI gave the COE six months to address the committee's findings of continuing non-compliance (quoting from the staff report):

  • "The agency must demonstrate wide acceptance among educators and practitioners. [§602.13]
  • "The agency must ensure it has and applies a compliant student achievement standard. [§602.16(a)(1)(i)]
  • "The agency must compliant [sic] written policies for its systematic program of review and demonstrate that it involves all of the agency's relevant constituencies in the review and affords them a meaningful opportunity to provide input into the review. [§602.21(a)(b)]
  • "The agency must ensure that it has compliant written policies for its revision of standards. [§602.21(c )]"

And twelve months to address the two new violations- one from USDE staff, one from the committee (quoting from the letter from Ms. Griffiths):

  • "the agency’s compliance with wide acceptance among practitioners under section §602.13; (emphasis added)
  • "the agency administrative capability, specifically, that it applies clear and effective controls against conflicts of interests, or the appearance of conflicts of interest by the agency’s Council under §602.15."

Transcript, Undersecretary's Decision Letter

The transcript of the Dec 11 hearing will be available on the NACIQI website in around 90 days.

The decision letter to the AVMA can also be expected by then. It will be available by FOIA request from USDE.

Thus both will be available around Mar 11.

Next hearing

The date of that letter starts the countdown on the six months and twelve months.

Six months from Mar 11 is September 11.  Since NACIQI meets in June and December, this would mean COE's next hearing would be not June but December 2015.  

I'll send another update should the letter or transcript be ready earlier.

Happy and sage holidays, whichever ones you celebrate.


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