OSU Budget Debacle

OK, debacle is probably a loaded word.  It's not to that stage yet.

What's up is, the students at OSU would like some more information as to how the administration is handling the college financially.  

Here's what I received when I requested the budget for the college of vet med for the past five years: OSU CVM Budget 07-12

I wasn't askgin for the right records, exactly.  Thanks to a copy of the General Records Retention Schedule from the OSU archives, I learned I really needed to have asked for the Budget Planning File, Charts of Accounts, Annual Financial Ledger and Annual Financial Report.  

I have done so.  We'll see what I get...


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Hey, congratulations!

The person to talk to at OSU is the senior class president, his name is Matthew Weeman. Having been there four years, he can give you an on-the-ground perspective.

You are actually not as bad off as you think, in one way- OSU and Davis are two of the four US veterinary schools that reclassify nonresidents as residents after their first year. This means you only pay one year’s out of state tuition.

In a couple more ways, you are um… somewhat hosed. FIrst of all, you are still looking at debt of $280,000 (Davis) to $290,000 (OSU) even with the tuition break. And that debt gets you a degree that pays maybe $70,000 a year as a mid career associate (the most likely outcome). If you can even get a job, which only 30% of last year’s class could.

Second, Davis’ new Dean is trying to usurp control of the student led CE symposia there, meaning none of the student clubs will have any funding with which to function after this year- nor will they be making the sorts of networking contacts that lead to jobs on graduation :( So the financial management situation there isn’t any more student oriented than at OSU- or anywhere else, for that matter. All the schools are getting ruthlessly squeezed by state budget cuts.

Still, again, congratulations. You are in for a ride! Drop Matthew a line, I’ll send you his email privately, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions.

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Is there a place I can read more about this “debacle”? I was just accepted to OSU (out-of-state) for the Class of 2017 and I haven’t heard anything about this…I have also been accepted to UC Davis (also out-of-state) and was honestly more worried about financial troubles there since CA is having troubles…Since I will be out-of-state, I am slightly worried about large tuition hikes or loss of program funding if the school gets in financial trouble.
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