One in four MDs went to a foreign school

Attending Medical School on Foreign Ground 



Comprehensive article by freelance writer Sherry Gray was featured on the front page of SDN today.  It covers most of the same topics I've heard raised about attending vet school in other countries- student lending and debt, quality of education, quality of graduates. Test scores, cost, patient outcomes- all show...

 ...that foreign schools seem to be beneficial to the profession.

One in four doctors currently practicing in the U.S. attended medical school in another country

That's the same between vet med and human med.  One thing that's a little bit different, among MDs only 20% of foreign grads practicing in the US are US citizens educated abroad.  While the percentages seem about the same for overall number of foreign educated grads practicing vet med- historically US grads make up about 75% of NAVLE passers- we're pretty sure most of them are US citizens who went to foreign schools.  As with US citizens getting their MD abroad, most US citizens going out of the US for their DVM go to Caribbean schools, for all the same reasons.

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