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Hi! I'm Eden Myers, DVM, and I'm glad you're here. This is where I share some of what I know about veterinary professional issues. I am joined in this endeavor by Ryan Gates, DVM.

The urgent issue in veterinary medicine today is accreditation.  Don't Know Enough About Accreditation?   Read it.  Share it.  Act on it.

Thanks to Pulitzer prize winning writer Matt Richtel of the New York Times for his article "All Dogs May Go to Heaven. These Days, Some Go to Hospice".  Because of his attention, hopefully, these kind options will be available to many more people and their pets.

Check out Ryan Gates, DVM, and yours truly pushing the Hot Button of Vet Economics.  

Thanks to dvm360's Heather Biele, Adrienne Wegner and Brendan Howard of Advanstar Publishing for that, as well as:

… and hopefully more.  Maybe something like these: 

A Tale of Two States: Oversupply and Underdemand in TX compared to MI

A Closer Look: Oversupply and Underdemand in the Veterinary Profession

Thanks to David Segal of the New York Times for his article on the state of the veterinary profession

And check out this piece from NPR: Not Enough Work for Veterinarians  

Looking for Good Intentions, Bad Data, Unintended Consequences ?

Part One: Meet the Pink Elephant in the Room: Gender in Veterinary Medicine

Part Two: Meeting Ourselves Coming and Going: Maldistribution of Veterinarians

Part Three: Meet Big Veterinary: How AAVMC Could Serve Students Better

Part Four: Meet Big Veterinary: How AVMA Could Serve Members Better

Part Five:  Meet Big Ed: Schooling Veterinarians is Big Business

Are you a high school or college student thinking about a career in veterinary medicine?  Here, I answer questions like Should I go to vet school?

I blog about veterinary educational issues like debt, accreditation and the cost of vet school.  

I discuss professional issues like compensation, employment, supply and demand.

Interested in having me share more of what I know with your organization or publication?  Email me at [email protected]


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