If Dr. Seuss Were a Vet

If Dr. Seuss Were a Vet… Treating Parvo

Vaccines! Vaccines! Vaccines! we preach

Cause nothing kills parvo, not even bleach

But parvo kills pups, this much we know

even the clerk at the feedstore will tell you it's so


It CAN be prevented, this much is true

but prevention's vaccines, and that's up to YOU

the breeder can start with a shot, or the store

but then YOU have to COME IN for three or four MORE!


You didn't, we get it.

We can treat, here's an estimate.


Oh.  Buying the pup used all your cash up?

You're right, that WAS lots of money. So's this.

Do you have pet insurance?  A credit card?  


None of those?


How can we help you, again?


Some pups will make it.  Many do not.

Please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE

Get your puppies ALL of their shots!

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