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Well actually the schools ARE well served by the tuition rates-especially those with a distributive model because they are making the MOST money.As I said I think that the distributive model will not persevere simply because economically the loss is much less if a university closes a distributive model than if it shuts down a teaching hospital.
I actually dont have a huge problem with the distributive model per se except that it has only benefitted the university.
I think a distributive model that adequately and with good supervision and monitoring (which is NOT currently happening) could be a way forward, but if it doesnt reduce tuition it wont survive the downturn.
The colleges that figure out a way to provide education cheaper will survive.Just like vet practices.Some of the badly managed ones have already bitten the dust.The ones that have better fiscal management have survived.How easy would it be if we had an endless supply of clients with no money problems? Thats what the schools are facing.And how many of us would be looking to improve our efficiency in this climate.Probably none of us.
BUT the gravy train is going to end and probably soon.Is it not better to prepare now?
We cant compare ourselves to medicine and engineering.The job markets and educations are totally different.There is only one species of human and you dont need large herds of TVs to surround the engineering school for it to do well. It is also accepted that a new graduate engineer or MD is not much use until they have had lots of additional training.

If a distributive model can reduce tuition costs significantly I wil be its biggest champion.I dont think it matters very much how they are trained. We must not neglect clinical research however so there will always be a role for a teaching hospital based system.

We need the Walmart approach to teaching.Pare back all ther administrative BS to reduce costs, share resources, and engage the local veterinary community.

There is a difference between herding together and stampeding.When you herd together only the weaklings get picked off.When you stampede there is a lot of collateral damage to the herd and it is indiscriminate.Some of the healthy buffalo get trampled as well as the weaker ones.Not a great strategy.
You stampede when you have no other option.
So if you want a long term strategy to help keep your herd healthy you will avoid a stampede at all cost.

Of course we have such poor leadership that a stampede is probably what will happen to us and after the dust has settled AVMA will yell “watch out”.

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Great article guys,
with a budget of $31 you would think there would be money for some major advertizing efforts.Where does the money go? I would love to see the 2013 and 2014 budgets.Is AVMA banking this money? Aprt from the bloated payroll where is the rest of the money going?

I am not sure that the activity trap AVMA is suffering from is unintentional. i think they have discovered that by doing nothing and not having any strong opinions about anything they mainly stay out of the spotlight.

The big question is how do we get them to change this? Are we flogging a dead horse here?
Do we need a new trade association that represents a clean slate and will advocate for its members.

I have a plan for a new organization that could use technology and social media to be a rapidly reacting and dynamic force for our profession.If you want to see my vision I will gladly write an article describing how it could work.

I think the chances of AVMA changing are very slim.It is now an entity thats main purpose is to self perpetuate.Most of the profession joins to get the malpractice insurance.

If we present options for insurance and an organization that is focused on the profession what will happen to AVMA membership?

I have a feeling in the next few months we may be faced with that question as a reality rather than a though experiment.

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I really should proof read what I write
When i was talking about exhibit 4 I meant to say an alarming increase in veterinarians WITH NO JOB OFFERS