AIR Delta Cost Project: College Spending in a Turbulent Decade

AIR Delta Cost Project: College Spending (cover)

Thanks to Bill Thomas, veterinary neurologist at UTK for passing along this report from the Delta Cost Project.  The DCP is " an independent, non profit organization committed to the creation of analytic tools" to " improve college affordability by controlling costs and improving productivity."  Here's their database IPEDS Analytics: Delta Cost Project Database.

 The DCP is overseen by the American Institutes for Research , which describes itself as

an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization that conducts
behavioral and social science research, and delivers technical assistance
both domestically and internationally in the areas of health, education,
and workforce productivity. As one of the largest behavioral and social
science research organizations in the world, AIR is committed to
empowering communities and institutions with innovative solutions
to the most critical education, health, workforce, and international
development challenges.

Sounds like vet med ought to be getting hooked up with these folks, we could certainly use innovative solutions to our critical workforce development challenge!

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