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Very thoughtfully written, a very important topic, suicide affects our profession frequently, not only veterinarians, their families also. Couple this with drug and alcohol abuse and dependency, the profession is in need. Thanks for bringing attention to this timely topic….

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Eden & Carl;

I commend you both for a lively and spirited discussion!

One point, you both seem to be making, the current schools are failing.

Carl states; “certainly dont think the current vet schools are doing a very good job” and Eden; “What’s the harm in letting another school try to do it differently? Cause what we’re doing now sure ain’t workin”

Please define what you insinuate in these statements. I take exception to these points in some contexts, but not in others!

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Scott Spaulding
President and CEO of Badger Veterinary Hospital. In addition to providing primary care to horses, my clinical interests include preventative care, equine nutrition and equine dentistry.