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Lack Luster Dr. Pol

I read the James Herriot books when I was 9.  Yes, all of them.  I read at an adult level then.  I had decided that I was going to be a vet when I was about 3 or so.  I went through school and college knowing that is what I wanted to be.  I studied animal science in undergrad...and we used pain medication at the SCHOOL FARM in the 1990's....by a south African vet, like Dr. Pol.  But Dr. Goldberg was better.  Much better.  And still, even though he was handcuffed by the school's budget, he still did more than just basic, "dig a hole, Dr. Pol", care.  In the summers, I did small animal hospital work, to balance out the farm animal medicine.

An avid horse person, I even practiced small animal and equine mixed practice when I got out of school.  I have learned so much in the 10 plus years I have practiced.  And Dr. Pol is a throw back to a time when clients saw their vets through rose colored glasses and animals felt no pain because we didn't "see it."  But he is wrong.  So wrong.  And all of the current studies and evidence based medicine support that.  Dig-a-hole-Pol.  Yep, give a shocky, in pain, patient steroids and watch them die.  Not even "optimal" medicine.  Actually, it is tragic.  And when that is a person that is representing my profession, I have to rage a bit.  He might be a super nice person....he might be homey or folksy, but he is a throw back to the times when medical professionals might as well be diagnosing and treating according to the 4 humors.  

As someone that literally reads literature and consults on cases daily, I find his lackidasical approach to medicine as a complete cop out.  He would do worse on the anatomy and physiology exams I give community college students...because he has no idea that he could be wrong.  Just because you learned it 40 years ago, does not mean that it is correct now...

Dr. Kate Allison