Let's uphold standards in veterinary medicine- starting with the 'Incredible Dr. Pol' show.

We need more vets like Dr Pol.

Avery dedicated and compassionate vet, I wish he was my vet. I;m sure my animals would love him.

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Thank u Dr Pol for ur love and dedication

Dr Pol and other great vets
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Great show and incredible vet

I think this is a great show and I hope it will be renewed. I was an R.N. for 15 years and I think he does a wonderful job! Anyone that says differently are rather stupid or vindictive!

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Every town should have a vet like him.

I read the case and yes, the board may be warranted. However, I have had nothing but wild guesses, inept treatment and outrageous fees from every single vet I have ever been too. Seriously, a vet saw my springer spaniel five times for a severely lame hind leg basically robbing me of close to 600 dollars and couldn't figure out that she had a huge splinter in the webbing of her toes. I found it , cleaned it  and wrapped it for stability and she was healed in about ten days. This injury had been going on for months! I don't even want to talk about the insane cost of normal shots and necessities such as frontline etc... it is a crying shame. 

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It's a TV show.. it's entertainment

You people are sick. Are you all seriously so butt hurt about a show that you've gone to lengths of petitioning the state of Michigan!? Jersey Shore was blatantly stupid but I didn't petition New Jersey. I didn't stop watching the Food Network when they dropped Paula Dean for using the N word 30 years ago. There's a simple solution, TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION. My kids and I will continue to watch every Saturday night as a simple form of entertainment. I suggest you all find another form of entertainment and fill your lives with joy instead of useless claims of vet malpractice.
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Formal investigation opened

So, several months ago I filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs alleging that violations of the Michigan state standards were documented on a specific case of a specific episode of the show. According to this letter I received today, the department agrees there is cause to open a formal investigation.

Let's all hope for due process.  I stated in the complaint it was entirely possible that the standards were met, and footage showing that simply didn't make it into the episode- but that what was shown was sufficiently concerning I thought the department had cause to ask Dr. Pol to provide documentation showing the standards had been met.

The department agreed and I will call the investigator tomorrow to arrange an interview, as requested.

Dr Pol may satisfy the investigator that the standards were met, and he whole thing may come to nothing.  I will keep you posted to the extent I legally can.  I am honestly not sure I should have even made public that there was an investigation- but I felt it important to let people know that official action was being taken.  As do all licensed professionals, Dr. Pol has the right to practice subject to fulfilling the responsibility of upholding the agreed upon standards of his field.  He also has the right to due process rather than a trial in the court of public opinion.

This case may reveal that it is the process itself that needs to be addressed.  

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Here's the Michigan Minimum Standards

Here's the minimum standards for companion animal veterinary practices in Michigan.  They were compiled and published by the MVMA in 2004.  Enjoy!

MVMA logo 

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I just saw my first - and last - episode of Dr Pol's show. I've been in veterinary medicine 10 years and his methods outdate me by 20 years or more! He performed an OVH with no gas anesthesia and then yanked a bunch of teeth and the dog never did have an endotracheal tube! I'm so horrified - that it's happening, that it's on TV, that its portrayed as "normal" and "ok."

Somebody get this man off the air!

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Back in play

To get everyone current... the Dr. Pol show has been on break.  A new season started January 5.  Dr. Pol fulfilled the terms of his probation so on Oct 12 2012 the Board lifted Dr. Pol's probation as of that date. He is under no restriction or sanction.  

I currently have no option to offer other than filing additional complaints against him with the Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine.  I wish I did.

I can offer this- the assurance that your identity is kept confidential unless you are called to testify.  To quote from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs,

The name of the person filing the allegation will be kept confidential unless he or she is required to testify at a hearing. 


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Well, THAT explains it!

 MI Board Vet Med mtng minutes letterhead

Was looking at the Meetings Agendas and Minutes page for the Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine today, trying to see if we could find out what officially happened at the meeting last Thursday the 25th.  Next meeting is Dec 19, and that's probably when the minutes will be made available, as they have to be voted and approved by the Board.  Which apparently has never heard of the concept of meeting electronically to tend to procedural details like approving minutes, so that information can be disseminated quickly.  I digress.

So the minutes from the most recent meeting aren't up, but I was reading the minutes from the last time the Board met, back in June.  Yes, that's right, June.  Anyway.

Was reading the minutes from the June meeting, and one of the items discussed was a report that the MVMA is 'interested in seeking legislation to require continuing education for licensed veterinary medicine professionals."  Three staffers, two from the Health Regulatory agency and one the Assistant Attorney General, 'provided Board members with rationale for exercising discretion when seeking legislative changes."

So I draw a couple conclusions from this.  


That explains a lot, right there.  Explains why Dr. Pol is still treating shock with big doses of long acting steroids, and doesn't believe animals feel pain.  Those were both common thinking thirty years ago. Might also explain why, five months after a consent decree was entered against him by the Board requiring him to get continuing education (CE), he still hasn't done it.  It's hard to do something you've never done before.

Wonder how many more Dr. Pols there are in Michigan, practicing medicine the exact same way they learned it whenever they got out?  

Maybe we should be thankful that NatGeo gave us the opportunity to call attention to this.

Two, the staff doesn't think it's a good idea.  Don't know how else to interpret 'exercise discretion when seeking legislative changes.'  You  know, it's hard to make headway when the people above you don't want you to.  

Good luck, Board members.  I'll say it again, I don't envy you all the job you have ahead of you. 

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